Dev Inc.

This is a talk I gave on developer branding. Below are my notes while preparing for the talk:

  • Goals:
    • You aren’t just an employee of this company. You’re a company all on your own and Kudobuzz is your client.
    • A brand is the best way to engage the community
    • Figure out were you want to be and what you want to be know for.
  • Basics (LinkedIn = All star):
    • Pick a good/unique username (you’ll be using it everywhere)
    • Take a good picture for your profile (Gravatar)
    • Write a quick bio. Should be a summary of who you are (or sometimes aim at being)
  • Find an open source project to contribute to or create one.
    • Write good descriptions and readmes
    • If you have to show your private repo activity.
    • Pin the repos you’re proud of
    • Ideas: problems you face
    • Most of what you’ll work on here won’t be open to the world. So contributing open source would be the best legal way to put out code your coding skills
      Examples: sindresorhus
  • Start a blog
    Platforms: Medium, Static sitegenerator: (jekyll, hexo)
    Examples: Coding Horror, Substack
    • Extra points a website and domain name
    • Write about:
      • your learnings (esp. stuff that’s new and hasn’t been written about much)
        • Sometimes it can be very simple stuff that no one writes about. If you’re able to explain stuff like this enough so that your parents can pick it up then you understand it.
      • Repost on medium with a link back to your site to avoid penalisation.
        • Try to get published on well know sites to get exposure (, hashnode or your frameworks/platforms blog site)
    • Write book/course summaries/reviews
  • Answer questions on stack overflow…or even ask some good questions
  • Attend meetups
  • Talk at meetups.
  • Twitter:
    • Have an account? Use it!

Happy Coding